July 6, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
St. Louis, MO, US

Participants will learn 1) how our pre-conscious personality patterns drive our behavior and create drama in relationships 2) how to become aware of these patterns in ourselves and in our children 3) how to shift out of the roles we habitually play and into an expanded sense of wellbeing and self-actualized presence.

“Beyond the Story of Your Personality Patterns” is the first part of my 12-hour course: How to Live Unstuck, Imperfect, and Free. Each hour of the course features a both 1) a cognitive teaching and 2) an embodiment experience of movement, music, vocalizations, and/or visualizations. So the time actually flies by, and participants usually leave feeling refreshed and spacious.

Overview and Details of Each Hour :
1) Participants in the workshop begin to practice simple, body-centered emotional intelligence skills that reliably lead to an awareness of how our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are deeply and pre-consciously patterned into more or less stable “personalities.”

2) These personality patterns feel and act like “us”– in fact, we experience our personality as precious and special because it served us well in infancy and childhood, when we adopted these it as a logical and functional coping and survival mechanism.

3) But our personality are not who we truly are; it is simply trying to imitate the truth, essence, and freedom of being. So when the personality is in charge, we continue to act out immature patterns, even as they no longer serve the more complex adults that we have become over time, which actually limits our freedom and creates dysfunction and drama in relationships.

So participants will walk away with one main teaching for each hour:
An embodied experience of the beautiful qualities of the three personalities within each of three human intelligence centers: head (thought), heart (emotional), and gut (instinctual). (These are the nine enneagram types:https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-descriptions.)
An empathic understanding of how each type inevitably has an experience of being “kicked out of the Garden”–when we feel cut off from our own basic okay-ness in the world, when we lose contact with the pure essence of our beingness
An empathic understanding of how each type “covers up” its shame and horror at being “not okay” with specific social roles, and how it is also naturally drawn to expand out of the behavioral, thought, and emotional constrictions of its type.
An empathic understanding of each type creates its own sense of self through a patterned and limited perspective that creates other people as “objects” in relation to itself as a subject.”

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