Jan. 20, 2018
Saint Louis, Missouri, US

Owning Your Wholeness is three hours with three experts in body-mind-spirit health-and-wholeness.  Attendees will leave with greater understanding of the power of process over content to shift our experience of life, with tools and practice to help identify and release emotions held in the body, and with the super-fun experience of Laughter Yoga!

MindLingli Zhang, Ph.D.  From Content to Process:  A Shift That Lifts Us, Wherever We Are

BodyLynnea Brumbaugh, Ph.D.  Locating Emotions in the Body:  Gentle Practices

SpiritGayle Rose, Triple-Certified Whole-Health Coach.  Laughter Yoga:  Experience the Health and Mood Benefits!

Lingli Zhang, Ph.D., is a neurobiologist with primary research interests in understanding the connectivity, functionality, and plasticity of the neuronal circuitry as the basis of neuronal behavior.  She is also a certified Facilitator of Embodied Transformation and has plunged into counseling as a profession that speaks to her true calling.  Lingli has come to embrace whole body-mind wellness through the trials of life, and along the way, she has picked up Yoga, Meditation, Buddhist practiced and body-centered healing.  She is interested in working with groups and building healthy supportive community.

Lynnea Brumbaugh, Ph.D., is a certified Facilitator of Embodied Transformation who practices enneagram-based coaching for emotional intelligence and self-actualization. Her training includes Enneagram Training I:  (The Anatomy of Personality), Enneagram Training II (The Enneagram Growth Expereince), The Journey of Growth (Levels) Workshop (Working with the Dynamism and Levels of the Enneagram), Conscious Living and Loving Essentials from the Hendricks Institute, Reiki Mastery, and Michael Harner’s Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism.Learn more, and sign up for “Events that Support You” notifications:  www.beyondthestorycoaching.com .  And if you “like” on Facebook:  Beyond the Story:  Coaching for Quantum Transformation, I will be grateful.

Gayle Wilson Rose co-leads a weekly laughter yoga group, bringing mood- and immune-boosting practices to the public. She also leads whole health coaching groups for the workplace, communities and affinity groups, guiding clients in connecting their desire for healthier living to something bigger, helping them find and embrace their WhyPower for eating cleaner, exercising regularly and proactively managing stress. She is triple-certified thru American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a whole health coach, weight management specialist and fitness trainer and serves as chief change officer for her company, WhyPowered Whole Health Coaching. More info @ WhyPoweredCoaching.com.


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