April 6, 2018 to April 8, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA, US

English Country

English Country Dance Weekend in Pittsburgh!

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Saturday Dance workshop 2-5

New Tunes, New Dances
Pat Shaw played a vital role in opening up the English country dance world, declaring, essentially, that these are folk dances, that we are the folk, and that we can create new dances. Following his lead, recent decades have seen a proliferation of dances as choreographers repurpose old figures and create fresh patterns. Contemporary composers also draw from a wide range of influences, creating many tunes that are distinctly different from early Playford. The confluence of these two activities has yielded a New Golden Age of English country dance. In this session, we'll explore new dances set to new tunes, and we'll explore how choreography and music both affect the way we move on the dance floor.

Sunday Lunch 12:30-1:30

Pay here if not doing the whole weekend above. Veg and non-veg pizza plus salad and gluten-free options, and an opportunity to socialize with all.

Sun Aft Dance 1:30-3:30

Final Dance Party -1 30- 3 30
We’ll finish the weekend together with old favorites and brand new ones bound to become old favorites.

Saturday talk 10:30-12 AM

NOT included in Earlybird registration. 350 Years of Country Dance History
What's the relationship of English country dance to contras and squares? How did ballrooms adapt to changing dance preferences over the centuries? Who were the key individuals in the 20th century revivals that led to our dancing pleasure today? How did changes in music affect dancing style? David's presentation will provide an overview of country dance history, augmented with audio clips that illustrate the changing sound of country dance over the centuries. This talk will be of interest to English country dancers as well as contra and square dance enthusiasts.

Earlybird weekend registration

Does NOT incude Sat AM talk. Includes Saturday afternoon workshop, Saturday Evening dance party, Sunday workshops and Sunday lunch. Early Bird pricing ends 3/15. Does NOT include Sat morning talk.

Sun Morning workshop 10:30-12:

Kynaston and Kin
Many of the dances of Nathaniel Kynaston, early 18th century, stand out for their creative patterns. Similarly, some contemporary choreographers design unique figures for dancers to enjoy. Learning such dances takes more effort, with a corresponding sense of satisfaction upon success. In this session, aimed at dancers with some experience and skill, we'll tackle moderately challenging dances from Kynaston and kindred spirits. We will also practice techniques to help us absorb unusual material.