Nov. 4, 2016 to Nov. 6, 2016
Grass Valley, CA, US

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Dance Your Life

Join us for a 2.5-day immersive dance and learning experience, deepening with yourself and others.

•Two days and two nights of impeccably held, heart-opening facilitated dancing
•12+ hours of conscious partner dance instruction
•Live musical performance from ENTHEO
•Community connection, integration and authentic relating practices

Take a deep dive with us into the metaphor of Life as a Dance.

Engage the foundational core of Cocréa Conscious Partner Dance technique in somatic inquiry around how we relate to the moments when life pushes and pulls us on our path of self discovery. Spend 2 days and 2 nights creating community, building dance skills and deepening connection. Explore kinetic intimacy and delight in the bliss that comes from moving with others without expectation.

Learn trust, surrender, impeccability and confidence.
Practice authenticity and presence in every moment.

Instructional/facilitated component includes five 2.5 hour segments engaging movement technique based in Blues-Fusion, contact improvisation and bio-mechanics for dynamic, expressive, conversational partner dance exploration. 

Friday, 7-11pm ~ Introductory Cocréa Playshop for Beginners
$20 Early Bird ~ $30 Day-Of

Saturday, 11am-5:30pm ~ Beginning/Intermediate Level Cocréa Playshop
$60 Early Bird ~ $80 Day-Of

Sunday, 11am-5:30pm ~ Intermediate/Advanced Level Cocréa Playshop
$60 Early Bird ~ $80 Day-Of

Saturday, 8pm-11:30pm ~ Fusion Dance and Facilitated Cocréa Dance with ENTHEO and Wren LaFeet (DJ set) co-facilitated by Antje Schaefer and Wren LaFeet
$15 - $30 Sliding Scale
~Dance Open to the Public~


Whole Weekend Package: $130 Early Bird ~ $180 Day-Of
~Includes Dance with Entheo LIVE Set and Wren LaFeet DJ Set~

Fri & Sat Package: $80 Early Bird ~ $100 Day-Of
~Includes Dance with Entheo LIVE Set and Wren LaFeet DJ Set~

Sat & Sun Package: $110 Early Bird ~ $150 Day-Of
~Includes Dance with Entheo LIVE Set and Wren LaFeet DJ Set~

How will you move when the brambles catch you to avoid ripping your clothes?
How do you dance in delight with the dishes?
When your partner erupts at you to stay in love?
When you get triggered by them?
Cocréa is more than a dance modality. It is a life practice.

Cocréa engages us in the practice of moving in intuitive, kinetic dialogue with one another to just about any style of music and serves as a means to take your dance to a new level of intimacy and authentic connection with others. Building on the essential elements of social partner dance technique as our common language, we learn how to wield creative expression with consideration to another body and practice nuanced responsiveness to one another in improvisational, co-created dance. This practice is a gateway to accessing the body’s wisdom to deepening Self and relational attunement. Our intention is to explore form and play creatively from our heart, body and spirit, in full support and appreciation of ourselves and one another.

Cocréa = Collaborative Organic Communication Revolutionizing Embodied Awareness



My passion for movement and music has been a prime source of connection, community building, and personal growth. My focus is on how the dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and transpersonal co-creation, discovery, and appreciation. I have spent the last 4 years weaving my life experiences with dance as an active co-creator of Cocréa, inviting hundreds of people back into their dancing bodies.


My work with Cocréa synergizes the emotional potency of music, the awareness of physical theater, mindfulness and dance with the structure and form of language. I envision and dream of a world birthed of the question: “What if every person you encountered was a potential dance partner, proficient in the language of connection and unified movement?” From this vision, I anticipate a global culture of radically beautiful co-creators supporting each other’s discovery in peaceful co-existence.



Entheo is a dynamic musical duo, channeling acoustic medicine songs, mythical dance music, and ambient meditative soundscapes. ENTHEO aims to express the natural order of the universe and bring Divine Harmony into audible form.


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