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Why doesn't Dancerfly use PayPal?

It's true! We use Stripe for processing credit card payments rather than PayPal. The fee is the same (2.9% + 30¢) and Stripe has a couple distinct advantages.

First, Stripe allows for secure credit card payment without an ugly iframe or requiring the user to visit a third-party site, which means the user's experience is more consistent.

Second, Stripe has a well-documented, well-supported, clean API – something PayPal sorely lacks. This means that we can spend less time debugging payment and more time developing amazing features.

Third, Stripe lets us easily subtract our percentage from sales, instead of requiring us to invoice you later – which saves everyone time and hassle.

Why is my dance style called X instead of Y?

The names of various dance styles are an important but often hotly debated point. We have tried to do our best to choose names that unambiguously represent what the event is actually offering. If you think there's a better phrasing we could use, please let us know!

Can I pass fees on to attendees?

No, we don't allow events to pass fees on to their attendees. We feel strongly that an accurate sticker price contributes to a more pleasant experience for the user, and thus a better impression of your event.