Sept. 8, 2017 to Sept. 10, 2017
Grass Valley, California, US



Justin Riley is coming back to Nevada City/Grass Valley for another deep dive into the world of Blues and Fusion partner dance. It was a treat to have him here in April for a full weekend of dancing. Everyone loved his rich, unique, vibrant and fun classes and we are all excited for more!

Friday night Justin will teach from 7-8pm and DJ from 8-11 at our regular Friday night Foothills Fusion Dance at The Odd Fellows Hall in downtown Nevada City, CA.  Pay at the door. $12

Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 12-4 (CHANGED from 11-3)
Sat and Sun Dance/playshops will be held at The Golden Empire Grange, 11363 Grange Ct. in Grass Valley, CA.  There will be an hour lunch break on Saturday. Please bring your lunch so we can eat together in community.  There may also be the option of purchasing food at the Grange from Chef Martin! To be confirmed ;-)

The price for the workshop has three tiers.  Please pay on the upper end of what you can afford and leave lower price tickets available for those in need.  The low income/early bird ticket will not be available at the door and may be limited so purchase sooner than later.  There are also work trade and partial scholarships available.  Please send Usha Rose a personal message to inquire about this option.

Honing Foundations, Connection, and Partnership: The Grammar of Dance
We will be looking at the fundamentals that make partnership in blues-based and Fusion partner dancing possible.  We will adapt lessons from Alexander Technique and the Franklin Method to help gain a complex understanding of how we carry ourselves in movement.  We will refine and rewrite traditional conceptions of dance partnerships by looking at our connection to the floor, our individual posture and fundamentals, the person we are dancing with, and the music.  This session will further our understanding of how our bodies work and open up new avenues of expression and movement.

A few topics to be covered will be advanced body shaping, opening movement with the use of somatics, using relative tone as a tool in partnership, and advanced posture and effective kinetics.  While this class will help students reach an advanced level of dancing and body awareness, it will be taught in a way that is immediately accessible for all levels.

Cultivating Creativity, Musicality, and Play: What It Really Means To Dance
We will be bringing our focus to the true essence of dance: creative expression, musicality, and play.  We will do exercises designed to cultivate creativity in movement for our own dancing, as well as develop skills to bring out creativity in our partners.  We will give both leads and follows the confidence, freedom, and skills needed to have a collaboratively creative voice; we will transform traditionally lead driven monologues into dynamic conversations of movement.

We will take the time to better understand the music that inspires our dancing: tonal layering, rhythms, and form.  We will look at how musicology can inform our musicality and how we as dancers can effectively compose our movement alongside any music. This session will go well beyond just the conceptual and focuses on the variations in frame, tone, and muscle engagement that bring theory into reality.

These classes will build partnership to a variety of music: from blues to glitch-hop, from Boom-Swing to downtempo. We will dive into specifics of sub-generes, as well as how we can better move to those newly innovated beats.

About Justin Riley:

Since 2002 Justin has studied, danced, and taught over a dozen forms of dances in 30 countries. He brings an international and nuanced style to every class, DJ set, and dance he does. In 2005 Justin fell in love with the Blues, Fusion, and Alternative-Blues movement and has never looked back. Since that time, he has become recognized as an international instructor and community organizer dedicated to the development of safer and more empowered communities.

Each of Justin’s classes utilizes coursework that refines the fundamentals of blues-based partnership, the body’s natural movement, and inspires one’s own full creativity of expression. Justin offers a complex understanding of body mechanics that open new avenues of expression and movement in his students. He teaches the vocabulary of movement (connection, posture, frame, and musicality) and then gives students the freedom to use that vocabulary to create their own unique form of expression. He uses imagery and kinesthetic techniques adapted from Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and the Franklin Method to develop a dynamic understanding of how we carry ourselves in movement both on and off the dance floor.

Justin is also the founder and main organizer of The Recess Events, and is considered one of the main driving forces behind the development of the alt-blues community. He has placed in numerous competitions (including both Blues Shout and Emerald City Blues), and commits himself to the progress of partnered dancing as a living, growing, and ever-evolving cultural art form.

Please visit for more information about Justin. He offers a wide variety of classes and we will be selecting the curriculum soon.

Check out these awesome videos of Justin dancing:


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