Dancerfly is free for free events!

For everyone else, we add a fee of 2.5% to credit card transactions.

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Payment processors

We currently support two payment methods: Stripe and mailed checks. Any combination of these payment methods can be enabled for your events.

We've chosen our payment processor carefully to make running an event as seamless as possible. Sales from your event are transferred directly into your Stripe account, and our percentage comes directly to us! No hassle, no invoices.


20 countries

2.9% + 30¢ on all transactions

Stripe allows users to pay with credit cards – like PayPal, and at the same fee.

Sensitive data is stored on Stripe's secure servers, and attendees don't have to leave our site or create any accounts!


No fee! Not even a Dancerfly fee!

Checks are mailed directly to you for processing.

You must create an account with Stripe if you choose to use them. Signup is easy, but it will take several days for your account to be verified so you can accept payments, so don't put it off!