Feb. 7, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. to Feb. 9, 2020 at 3 p.m.
Seattle, WA, US


SUPERSONIC 2020 is SOLD OUT. We have a waitlist. Please email [email protected] Supersonic Contra Dance Weekend is an all-contra, high-energy weekend for experienced dancers. We take flight with no-walkthrough contra corners and soar to new heights of contra dancing.

The mission of Supersonic Contra Dance Weekend is to give experienced dancers the opportunity to explore ways in which to challenge themselves and improve their skills as dance partners while experiencing complex dances and immense joy.

Is Supersonic right for you? Are you comfortable navigating complex dances often with no walkthroughs or hash calls? Do you recover quickly from mistakes? If you answered yes, this weekend is for you.

This year at Supersonic all dances will be called using Larks and Robins.

Seven Characteristics of Supersonic Dancers


  1. Are aware of the community on the floor: dance with an awareness of one’s movements, one’s frame, the proper giving of weight, and the space within the hall

  2. Dance with a variety of partners regardless of age, body type, gender expression

  3. Are role models of consensual behavior on the dance floor

  4. Swap roles or engage in other play when it is done with the utmost regard for the integrity of the dance and the line and with partner consent

  5. Take time and effort to appreciate the talent of the callers, the bands, and the sound team

  6. Avoid pre-booking and enjoy the spontaneity of seeking a new partner for each dance for a variety of experiences

  7. Ensure our clothes and selves are 100% fragrance-free when attending Supersonic.

If you have questions about this registration process, please use the “How-to-Register” information on our website at https://www.supersoniccontra.com/registration/or email us at [email protected]

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2020 Supersonic Contra Dance Weekend doesn't have any passes or merchandise available right now. Check back later or contact an event organizer.